Halloween is my FAVORITE! Creativity spills out onto the street and everyone can participate! I do my best to gather funny, quality costumey vintage weirdness that is priced well so people can have fun dressing up. I love helping customers with whatever idea they have. 
Playing out all the themes and colors of Halloween is so fun. There are a number of skelletons, black cats, rats, witches, and bat cards, earrings and misc. Ferdinand is full of tricks and treats, googly eyes, creepy bugs, devils and a giant moon. 
Most shoppers don't really go as nuts about the season as I do, but it's fun to find out what people are dressing up as, and when people do get excited - it's the best time ever!


The big press move


In 2009 I bought a giant letterpress. Initially I had it moved into a studio space, and a year later, after reinforcing the floor of my shop and removing a wall - I had it moved again. Buying this press and getting it into Ferdinand are the best decisions I have ever made. 

The letterpress is beautiful! It was built in 1955 and I am the 3rd owner. It runs on 220 electricity and once it's going can produce a print a second. It took 8 people and a forklift to bring it into Ferdinand, and now it is here to stay! Luckily I have documentation in film by Bryan Bruchman. 

Candle making


I have had a few false starts with candles, but this fall I decided to see it through. Instantly, I acquired about 70 suitable containers. I started to research and experiment and now there are tea cup candles for sale at Ferdinand!

These are your basic soy wax candles. The soy beans are grown in the US, and the tea cups and juice glasses are vintage. The scents reminds me of a fancy french flower shop. I made gardenia, white tea and ginger and a blend that's more of a musk.