I've had my letterpress for a while now, but it's only in the last few months that I've started to use photo polymer plates and it has changed everything!

Basically here's the way it goes: I design something on my computer then I email it to Concord Engraving - they make it into an adhesive backed plastic printing plate that can be used again and again, and they ship it the next day! 

No more collecting and sorting wood and metal type, getting creative with my text using only letters and fonts I have! And no more carving blocks! Storage is easier, clean up is easier, it's easy to register multiple colors, and it's affordable enough that I can try out all sorts of ideas and just print a few - reprinting later if the demand is there. 

I've been going WILD! It's gratifying! There are more challenges to come besides figuring out platemaking - but I'm psyched to figure out this one!